la galería de guadalajara

Fusión, by Javier Orozco

Javier Orozco is Born in 1965 in Guadalajara (Spain), where he lives nowadays.

His taught-self formation runs along the development of an imaginary city that makes him specialist in abstracts forms and all kind of relations among them. His art is based in originality and evolution into an aesthetics race with an unknown end. He works directly without any reference or direct models.

From a very early age Javier draws all kind of imaginary plants of urban patterns or city plans. When he is thirteen years old, Orozgar city is born, drawn in Chinese ink and wax crayons. Orozgar city will become not only an enormous visual urban development but also an aesthetic work in progress. So,it models Orozco´s mentality about spaces, art combinations and colour.

In 1995 begins his pictorial way out of Orozgar city. From the very first moment its subjects are clearly abstract. In late 2009 come “Harmonic Abstraction”, new worlds of emotional paintings over subtle backgrounds. It depicts a sensation of movement and energy, like if that moment was going to be different one second after. Afterwards, as a result of adding to the pictorial universe of “Harmonic Abstraction” different pieces like woods, metal, industrial pieces, etc., that play morphologically and chromatically with background requirements, its artworks get three dimensions. He calls it "Structural Plastic". Recovered technological pieces from computers, in asociation with painted backgrounds, generate Unknown Worlds or "Technoplastic"

After four...