Alberto Gianfreda boasts ten years of research and production, theoretical studies, expressive processes and linguistic-formal experiments carried out with constant and methodical diligence, with a regularity interrupted only by impulses and stimuli coming from new technological themes and suggestions. His research embraces a thoughtful and theoretical transition of ‘sculpture’ expressed by the conversion of matter and the attendance of space. Space and its accessibility, the installation transforming the physical path, compel the artist-sculptor to take account not only of the expressive input and the definition of the pursued emotional atmosphere, but also of data that the artefact demands to use. He developed his expressive attention and work basing it on this sphere of consciousness, where its ‘function’ is specified and integrated into the ‘story’ and where operational comparison becomes emotion. Therefore, the current state of his creations originate from two different forms of cultural experience, which contamination brought about a maturity defined also in his research processes.

One first significant value is the consequence of the production features of the Brianza area, where he was born, which was qualified through the relation with aesthetics of interior design, where objects and manufacturing techniques left useful and deep traces: from the structure to the surface, from the architecture of volume to the distribution of fabrics, from the movement of machinery to the extension of light in space. A second...