Zen Contemporary Art Gallery


The Gallery is managed by an art historian who graduated Business of Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she expanded her knowledge of the contemporary art and achieved new cognitions necessary for the work in museums, galleries, private and corporative art collections as well as the knowledge of planning and organizing art exhibitions.
The aim of the Gallery is the support of young emerging artists and confirmation of already renowned ones, planning and organizing art exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, cooperation with foreign galleries, participation in international art fairs of contemporary art and promotion of Croatian contemporary art at the international art market.
For the moment being the gallery deals with well established young Croatian artists who have already been recognized at the Croatian art scene and Croatian art market. Those are the artists that haven't abandoned the figurative component of painting, intertwining traditional painting with abstraction in a special way, giving their works a new dimension and a recognizability that separates them from their collegues.
Zen Contemporary Art Gallery also offers an art advisory service. Buying a quality object of art is an excellent investment at the same time, something timelessly valuable that stays in heritage and gives a positive image of its proprietor. A well chosen object of art can transform a home or office space giving it a special individuality and style. Art enriches us, making the world around us more beautiful and more valuable, it...
Artist Paulina Jazvić
Paulina Jazvić was born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1995 she graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. In 2001 she earned a degree in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She is a member of Croatian Association of Artists. She has exhibited her works at several solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and has won five awards.
Paulina Jazvić is an established Croatian artist known for her artistic style reflected primarily in large formats that she uses for compositions as well as art and fashion installations „tailored“ at the boundary between the figurative and the abstract. Paulina never leaves the figurative component from the painting medium but expresses it through the strokes of a black uninterrupted line using it to venture into the articulation of different figurative shapes creating a casual dialogue with a non-descriptive/abstract using a reduced colour palette. As an excellent drawer she further enriches artistic expression in her paintings by covering the surface of the canvas with bits of photographs, imprints of objects, various inscriptions and other visual vestiges.
From the beginning and consistent with her two degrees, art and design in her work have been intertwined in a special, invisible way. Therefore, the ways in which she expresses her creative force are versatile and one of them is the construction of installations for which she uses a collection of everyday object (dolls, cushions, toys,...).
With her past expression spectrum ranging from...