Colorfield Gallery

Colorfield Gallery

"Painting of the senses, sensual, a smear...paintings that overflow", this is what the young painter from Pau, France, David Ferreira, offers to us. His dynamic works, brimming with images and codes, can leave no viewer unaffected.

A former geometrician who had suppressed his creative energy, David Ferreira knew how to take the risk of devoting himself exclusively to his art, painting, which he taught himself . The growing success of an artist who can no longer contain his creative energies is gradually allowing David Ferreira to wholly devote his time to the practice of his art, splashy paintings of thick and fluorescent acrylics.

Levi dos Santos himself writes: "Ferreira is dazzling, without points of reference or idols.(...) in sum, his production is not mere painting, it is a mastered fountain". As such, one can consider Ferreira's pictorial instinct as the point of departure of his creation. Totally spontaneous, David Ferreira attended no art school, yet his works show no absence of academic structure. His particular structure is merged with the rigor of his mathematical mind.

This painter shows a decided taste for mathematical and geometric sciences, whose influence on his pictorial works is clear: signs, unsolvable equations or geometric figures punctuate his canvases, entering into tension with the quasi-electric luminosity of his colors and curves.

David Ferreira doesn't paint with a brush: he uses the trowel, the compass or sliding ruler. The variety of materials used as supports, surplus or signals help the artist to...