RadoArt Gallery

Affordable Art Fair Milano 2015

Audrius Grazys is one of the most interesting artists of young Lithuanian contemporary
art generation. The painter often participates in exhibitions, art projects in Lithuania
and abroad. Audrius Grazys is unique for his artistic expression of the themes of
vehement emotion, inventive artistic technique, often using the method of instant,
frequently single stroke of the brush.
The painter states that he does not put special efforts to be in vogue. “While creating, I
do not give importance to chasing fashionable artistic trends. My paintings, done in the
past two years might have been created also ten years ago. What is the fashion in
arts? Well, abomination’s aesthetics may be considered as an example of fashion in
modern art, but to me it is unacceptable. I do seek to create paintings reflecting
harmony, intellect and profundity”.
Visual art critics point out that Audrius Grazys’ art works are multi-layer, possessing
certain poetics and volatile mind, and that paintings radiate energy equal to Hindi
Mandals. Audrius Grazys thinks that nowadays there exists a certain tendency of art
works moving from galleries and exhibition halls into urbanistic environment, bringing
art closer to people.
Audrius Gražys‘ canvases might justly be called abstract poetry. His painting is very sensitive, almost therapeutic. AG favours a “double exposure“ technique where an extravert painting is stilted by a hushed colour. Yet this is not the potery of extinction, self-refusal or the triumph of the...