Daniel Barkley watercolours

‘Something beautiful with men’
MooiMan male-art gallery is a gallery where the male form in art is subject. We are one the few galleries worldwide showing male-art. MooiMan means ‘beautiful men’ in Dutch.
We’re based in the north of the Netherlands where we have a large gallery including a sculpture garden. Besides 6 original exhibitions a year with national and international artists, we also produce our own male-art art-books, visiting several art fairs trying to get a high level of male-art under the attention of a broad audience. We work together with more than 70 artists but also represent Tom of Finland from the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles.

Part of what we are showing are layered exhibitions like in 2013 our traveling and critical human rights exhibition ‘Queerussia: the hidden (p)art’, showing the difficulties Russian gay artists are dealing with under homophobic laws in Russia. From some of the artists it is not safe to mention there names on our website.

In 2014 we made the exhibition ‘Dual’ / ‘Tweestrijd’ showing by the Vatican banned and criticized photos of Spanish but in Italy living painter Gonzalo Orquín. Besides this project we also exhibited a number of his amazing paintings. A thematically but also layered exhibition in which religion, homosexuality and the man in the art is showed through paintings, sculptures, but also stained glass.
To make Gonzalo Orquíns statement even bigger the gallery published the book ‘Sí, quiero’ including the entire photo series, an interview,...