RonLangArt at Mia Fair

The eclectic art of Lin de Mol encompasses photos, films, drawings and installations. She works alone, making her photos, and raw material for films and installations, during road trips to remote areas. The necessity to travel light largely determines this solitary process: A small tripod and a camera with a self-timer of only 10 seconds sets the rule that the distance between her and the camera can never be greater than the distance she can run to the focal point. But this limitation is also part of the challenge in the hunt for 'the moment'. It is the "Heavenly Game" one of her works refers to - the game that the artist plays with chance and the elements. An interaction in which she functions as a transparent screen between an inner and an outer reality. The relationship between man and nature is evident herein. Yet the work is not only about the meeting of (wo)man and nature; it is also about the confrontation with it. In all her work, whatever the medium, nature seems untamable and seeps through everything.This places the work in a romantic tradition. It is permeated by a desire, a sense of lack and a searching for the connection to that source.
GORSE  /ɡɔːs/  – Ulex Gallii – (also called ”furze” or  “whin”)
Thorny, evergreen shrub of the pea family Fabaceae, characteristic of highly exposed Atlantic coastal heathland and montane habitats. Although flowering in spring, the plant has a very long flowering season and some gorse...