Fernando Zaccaria


Ballets Russes
The solid forms captured by Fernando, Zaccaria, prophesying liquefies: "Let the stones dissolve, let the force diminish". The domes of the Kremlin, obsolete industrial plants mutate their structure, modifying their substance. If the name Kremlin lurks the Russian term "flint" or Mongolian "strength", then the light that guided Fernando Zaccaria weakens their hardness semantics, their solidity material in a country that not so many years of historical materialism made its official creed. Assaulted by the light (domes) or trapped as in a twilight ambush (industrial plants), they leave diminishing their structural tension altering it into a movement playful but disciplined. A ballet all Russian, where the monumental elegance becomes the geometric lightness, the colored victorious grace.
Ballets Russes
Le forme solide catturate da Fernando, Zaccaria, profetando liquefa: "Si sciolgano le pietre, che scemi la forza!". Le cupole del Cremlino, gli impianti industriali desueti mutano la loro struttura, modificando la loro sostanza. Se nel nome Cremlino si annida il termine russo "selce" o quello mongolo "forza", allora la luce che ha guidato Fernando Zaccaria depotenzia la loro durezza semantica, la loro solidità materiale in un paese che non tanti anni di materialismo storico ha fatto il suo Credo ufficiale. Aggredite dalla luce (le cupole) o come in un agguato crepuscolare presi in trappola (gli impianti industriali), lasciano scemare la loro tensione strutturale mutandola in un movimento giocoso ma disciplinato. Un balletto...
Fernando Zaccaria / PHOTOGRAPHY AS PHILOSOPHICAL PRACTICE “researches around human”.He had his first artistic experience when in 2001, while he was living in New York City, he decided to try to take the first pictures pointing to describe humans thought and how we actually construct ideas and concepts, he was interested in a way of shooting the process of making thoughts. The idea, in its own constitution, is a mental action. It is a practice that takes place giving meaning to what we are experiencing in front of us. Zaccaria actually stops this processing right before we can fix the meaning in an image we can't completely understand, by composing the elements in the shoot in a way they can have a dialogue between themselves; the elements in his photos live us the possibility to go looking for a meaning which is never done.Selected collective exhibitions and Art Fairs:2015. Bologna, Italy. Fiera di Bologna "Artefiera"2014. Singapore, Singapore. Marina Bay Sands " MIA&D,". Milano, Italy. Superstudiopiù. "MIA Fair". Milano, Italy. Galleria The Studio. "Cross Over"2011. Torino, Italy. Palace of expositions. "54th Biennale di Venezia".2010. Milano, Italy. Gallery The Studio. "Paesaggio Italiano".2009. Milano, Italy. Gallery The Studio. "The Soul Cages" (curated by A. Trabucco)Selected personal exhibitions:2012. Milano, Italy. Galleria The Studio. "America's Fake Freedom"2011. Milano, Italy. SPAZIO OBERDAN. "Il Velo Rivelatore".2009. Verona, Italy. Fondazione Campostrini. "New York City Lightprints"2008....