Bildhalle / Director: Mirjam Cavegn

Delphine Burtin, series „Disparition“, 2013 „For this series of photographs, I collected, over a period of one week, and archived, day by day, everything I would normally throw away. In our society, there’s no place for what is not considered useful or beautiful. Anything that might disturb us is voluntarily rejected. What relationship is there between happiness and consumerism? Do we have to consume to be happy? In an attempt to answer these questions, I have tried to find a place for everything (and everyone), including what we would rather not see. I worked on this series in the studio using a technical camera because I wanted to remove the garbage from its usual context in order to give it a place of importance, regardless of the quality of the waste-matter itself. It is the new status of the material that interests me. In my work, I refer back to the still life painters of the 17th and 18th centuries who sought to transmit the idea of the futility of accumulating possessions in the face of death.“ Delphine Burtin Douglas Mandry, from the series „Promised Land“, 2013 „Promised Land is in response to the standardized representation of the landscape and the possi- ble loss of material references in the digital era that I have developed my project. In an effort to get closer to the process of analog retouching, my photographs are first printed, then reworked, exploiting their physical properties; the print is punctured, rubbed, modified by adding light and smoke. I employ plays of scale and...