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Fabio Bucciarelli

Fabio Bucciarelli is an award-winning photographer who focuses his attention on conflicts and humanitarian consequences of war. Bucciarelli spent the latest years covering the major world changing events in Africa and Middle East, he reported from Libya,  from Syria and from those forgotten Countries in Africa as South Sudan and Mali.
Syria, Battle to Death.The photos are taken between October and November 2012 in Syria. For the entire period, Fabio Bucciarelli lived with the FSA fighters reporting the strong reality of this conflict where, from mid-july 2012,  the Free Syrian Army fights for the control of the northern city of Aleppo. The images try to describe the cruelty of war and its effect on the civilian population.
South Sudan, Maiores Nostri. This is a reportage whose aim is to rediscover the ancestral human life, out of society and in close connection with nature. In February 2014, Fabio Bucciarelli moved from Juba to Yirol, crossing Mingkaman. When in Yirol, he headed to the Cattle Camp feeling the need to understand more deeply the culture of the place he was documenting. And what he discovered is that in the world’s youngest country where an ongoing civil war is taking place between Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups, traditions have remained the same of millennia ago: cattle is the center of country's culture and economy.
Libya, The Libyan Conflict. Since the conlict began, Fabio Bucciarelli has been several times in Libya: to cover the beginning of the fighting before the NATO action, to document the fall...
Fabio Bucciarelli was born in Turin (Italy) in 1980 where he currently lives.
Before becoming a photographer, in 2006 Fabio received the MS in Engineering from Politecnico of Turin. After, he attended the Universidad of Valencia where he specialized in Digital Imaging. In 2008, he won a grant in engineering to work in Barcelona. From 2009, he devoted himself entirely to photography and started working as staff member for La Presse/Ap. A couple of years later, he leaved the agency to dedicate his attention fully to documentary photography. In 2010/2011 he has been working as staff photographer for the Italian agency LUZ Photo. Nowadays, Fabio Bucciarelli collaborates with Agence France Presse and he works worldwide on assignment with different NGO’s as ICRC (International Red Cross) and CCM (Comitato Collaborazione Medica).
In 2013 the Battle To Death project on Syria civil war won the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal from the Overseas Press Club of America, the award that recognizes the best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise. He has also been awarded by World Press Photo, Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Pictures of The Year, Leica Oskar Barnack, Sony World Photography Organisation and FotoEvidence Book Awards.
His work has been published by TIME Magazine, The New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera USA, The Guardian and Observer, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Paris Match, Stern, Die Zeit, Paris Match, Internazionale, La Stampa, L'Espresso, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La...