In The Gallery

Jacob Gils


Jacob Gils is a master of technique and composition. His significant and easily recognizable style – multiples exposures and work with polaroids – makes his photographic work stand out. The Danish artist has a strong passion for photography and an interest in how to push the boundaries of the photographic media. The result is a photographic engaging style that at first glance resembles impressionistic paintings, but at a closer inspection reveals the details of modern photography. Organic and sensuous to the eye.
Jacob Gils has been working with multiples exposure in his Movement series since 2012 where he started his art photography adventures. By using a special technique, multiple exposure, Gils lets a world of movement reveal itself in his dynamic and captivating photos. At first glance the photos appear unfocused and shaken, but they are in fact many different photographs carefully layered and selected so they in the end give us the expression of being on the go – in movement. The careful layering of exposures create a translucent second shape to the motives.
The Limit To Your Love series was initiated in 2009 by the wish to break free from controlled predefined photography - to lose control and create something simple. The visual expression resulting from transferring Polaroids onto Watercolor paper and a division into fields of 1, 6, 8 or 12 is what gives the series its distinct expression. The works also come across as emotive statements with natural imperfections where the random distortion, seen as...