In The Gallery

Carsten Ingemann

Throughout his career Carsten Ingemann has found it fruitful and necessary to set up rules for himself and his artistic practise in order to explore how he within those definitions is artistically capable of creating something new. The limitations (e.g. to only work at night) are, in this respect, as much a tool and material as is the concrete motive or place that he wishes to capture.
The black night – a condensed physical darkness, an implicit mysticism and the artist ́s personally felt anxiety and discomfort when walking around in the middle of the night somewhere in his native country, is the essence of the photographic work belonging to the artist ́s latest series Darkness. Ingemann literally uses the night as his material in the series. The feeling that it evokes in him together with the registration of colours, sounds (or silence), nature formations and the animal life form the basis for the visual expression in the on-going project.
The works in the series significantly contrast urbanity and represent the beauty of both the abstract and concrete in nature. Worth noting is Ingemann ́s registering of structures, sensed movements and contours in conjunction with the prominent element of humour. The latter is seen in the works entitled Creatures of the Night where the artist has had nightly meetings with a group of friendly cows on the neighbour ́s acres. They make it very hard not to smile as their big eyes, captured on film the moment they look in the photographer ́s flashlight, translates to a range of yellow star...