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GIAN PAOLO BARBIERI, Il regista della moda

PALAZZO CORVAJA - TAORMINA | 13 - 20 giugno 2015
A cura di | Curated by 29 Arts In Progress
An exhibition of 50 artworks organized and produced under the patronage of the municipality of Taormina, Taormina Arte and the Taormina Film Fest, now in its 61st Edition. Considered one of the best international fashion photographers, with a sublime aesthetic taste, his photographs are in many private and public collections, among the others the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Kunstforum in Vienna and the National Portrait Gallery in London.The selection of images is mainly devoted to fashion and its protagonists and the exhibition spans over forty years of photography in which the theatricality of his sets has made Barbieri one of the favourite interpreters of Made in Italy, from Valentino to Armani, from Missoni to Versace, from Ferré to Dolce & Gabbana.His work for the French, American and German editions of Vogue led on to publicity work with the great fashion designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood. The exhibition retraces the different nuances of fashion photography, from seduction to provocation, from myth to elegance.Photographs for fashion magazines, studio portraits, shots during breaks on the set return a colourful fresco in the world of fashion and its dimension suspended between reality and imagination.Among the divas and top models we find Audrey Hepburn, Jerry Hall, Monica Bellucci, Vivienne Westwood, Veruschka, Ann Andersen, Anjelica Huston. A...
Gian Paolo Barbieri was born in Milan in 1938 into a wealthy family of fabric wholesalers, learning from a young age the art of knowing the fabrics, knowledge that would become very useful to his profession as a fashion photographer. But during his teenage years it would be other places to captivate his attention: theatres, in the first place, which would feed and bring out his fantastic vein; discovering, not long after, the cinema that would reveal it self to be a life long passion. Following this passion he moves to Rome in 1962.  To manage, in the meantime, he develops and prints out the pictures taken of upcoming starlets and aspiring divas. But not for long. Life would take him elsewhere, to Paris, to work as photographer Tom Kublin’s assistant: Barbieri brought with him a culture of the imagination that few others could boast. And it is this experience of two “excruciating” months that would launch him into the world of photography. In 1965 he joined Italian Vogue, and produced the cover of its first issue. His work for the Italian, French, American and German editions of Vogue led on to publicity work with the great fashion designers Valentino, Armani, Saint Laurent, Ferré, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. When we gaze at Gian Paolo Barbieri’s photographs, created in a refined and light‐hearted spirit, we come to experience a visual theatricality that will blot out the surroundings to allow only the pictures themselves to stand out. In 1978 the German magazine Stern ranked him among the fourteen...