Vera Komnig, born and living in Germany, is a professional artist / fine Art painter-who specializes in expressive acrylic and oil paintings. - She is a certified graphic designer and award winner: Federal award for outstanding artistic achievements - For over twenty years in Germany represented with plenty of solo exhibitions. - In the 1990s, she invented the so-called "Scripturas", a series of acrylic paintings with graphic elements from airbrush ink "Knowing that I know nothing, everything is "counts" of a moment; always only * now *, always fresh, always new born."... "There isn't a absolutely truth, there are only many different stories and as an artist I'm a storyteller " Vera Komnig Testimonials: "Vera Komnig is able to tell stories with her paintings that I will never forget, and leave not be captured in words." Dr. Nora Scholz "Vera Komnigs images open you the personal gateway to the" Eternal ". They open your eyes to what is behind each expression by pleasantly reserved take in their truthfulness to a slight play of colors and a mirror in the clear depths of his own soul in this ease: in what carries everything " Tobias Knittel, Farincourt / Haute-Marnet, France TESTIMONIAL: written by Michael- "Vera, your work never ceases to amaze me with its variety of tone and voice. You see things in the world none of us can quite put our finger on, or find the words for, but when we see your work, we say: Yes! That’s it exactly! There’s a whole vocabulary of life you remind us is...
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2014 + 2015 Ausstellung bei der OpenAirGallery in Berlin
2015 AlsterArt in Hamburg
2016 Affordable Art Fair in Mailand
2016 HanseArt in Lübeck

2005 Galerie Kraft, Königstein
2007 Galerie Königsweg, Düsseldorf
2009 Galerie im Gemeindehaus, Norddorf
seit 2009 Dauerausstellung im Lesesaal der Gemeinde Norddorf
seit 2009 Dauerausstellung in der Fachklinik Satteldüne, Nebel
seit 2009 jährliche Ausstellungen im Rahmen des Events „Rotary trifft Amrumer Künstler“
seit 2010 Dauerausstellung in der SEB, Frankfurt
seit 2010 wechselnde Ausstellungen im Rahmen des kunstquartieres
2011 Einzelausstellung „Wasser und Licht“ in der KunstSCHAUbude, Bad Homburg
2012 – 2015 eigenes Atelier und Galerie im alten Schwimmbad, Norddorf
seit 2000 diverse Leihgaben an namhafte Interessenten
seit 2014 Atelierbeteiligung im „Kunstraum 17“, Nedderfeld 17, Hamburg
2014 – 2015 Galerie in der Radiologischen Allianz in der ENDO-Klinik Hamburg
2014 Ausstellung bei der OpenAirGallery in Berlin
2014 Einzelausstellung im Likedeeler auf Amrum
2015 Einzelausstellung bei den WEINGALERISTEN in Hamburg
2015 Einzelausstellung im KUNSTRAUM FARMSEN, Hamburg
2015 Ausstellung bei der OpenAirGallery in Berlin
2015 Gruppenausstellung in der GalerieKa in Hamburg Eppendorf
2015 Ausstellung im Hittfelder Hus in Seevetal / Hittfeld
2015 Gruppenausstellung bei der 7. AlsterArt in Hamburg
Wechselnde Ausstellungen im Kunstraum 17 in Hamburg
29.01.2016 + 30.01.2016 3. Hamburger totaltheater-kunstquartier im room27 in...
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That eternal quest for the essence

Art Historically, the work of Jeroen Buitenman fits in the tradition of the post-Impressionists: he paints what he likes, the way he likes. True to himself, what he wants and to discover an artist and as a man searching for his own reality. Enter your own relationship with the man, turn to look - it can and should - be even better: it is even - all weather since the conflict between the-isms in the visual arts has settled.

Realism? For Buitenman it is absolutely not a pejorative, negatively charged term. But even better, he feels at home in surrealism. Because of the joy, energy, the idea that people understand, or rather the trouble which they take in first, second or third body to be discovered. For him at least more valuable and satisfying than what he disdainfully less accessible, elitist art academy or "Urban Mueum-art 'calls. Shy he does not permissible, as well as admirer Jackson Pollock, the figurehead of the American abstract expressionism. But further: you have poor, mediocre and good art. And Pollock's just good. And the good will naturally be forward. Or back. Think of another hero of Buitenman: Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, whose work was neglected for decades, but returned to glorious international art auctions and exhibitions.

How Buitenman also want to read and of itself, its sense and knowledge of the highlights of art history is nothing more wrong. Criticism, as his work would be politically or historically relevant points, it resolutely. It fascinates him about what his art and...
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Sandra is a self- taught painter from Cologne, Germany who has been painting since she was able to hold a brush. Her passion is to paint abstract works with acrylics, in an ever evolving and unique style. Her signature approach is to finish by detailing her paintings with wax and pencil to add detail and depth, which sometimes look like writings in foreign languages.


"I do love the idea of creating unique abstract pieces of art, which come from my own mind and I build with my own hands. Something I can inspire people and something I can touch people with. Not just something nice and beautiful but something which gives questions and wakes up emotions even if those ones are not only happiness and contentment.

To look at my paintings, is like me taking you on a journey through my life. There are up and downs and of course everybody will see something different in each painting- just as every life is different and unique.

When I start a painting I have no idea at first what to paint. I just let my brush dance over the canvas and somehow it feels right and through the process I can see where the painting is going to be.

My inspirations are my feelings, experiences, emotions - which means my life. A big part of it is travelling, I love to see new countries and cultures and I bring the emotions that those places make me feel to my art. You can see some of those feelings such as joy, fear, couriosity, happiness, sadness, love and much more in my paintings.

If you would like to, I will show you a part of my...
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1999 :
Mención de Honor en el XXI Concurso Nacional de Pintura “Casimiro Sainz” de Reinosa, Cantabria.
1998 :
Premio-adquisición en el XVI Premio Internacional de Pintura “Eugenio Hermoso” de Fregenal de la Sierra, Extremadura.
1997 :
Primer Premio en el XVI Certamen de Pintura “Salvador Soria - Villa de Benissa”, Alicante.
Mención de Honor en el Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Real Villa de Arganda”, Madrid
1996 :
Mención de Honor en la XLV Exposición de Otoño de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes “Santa Isabel de Hungría”, Sevilla.
Finalista en el IV Premio de Pintura "Tomás Luis de Victoria", de Salamanca.
Primer Premio en el XLIII Certamen Nacional de Pintura de Gibraleón, Huelva.
Segundo Premio en el XV Certamen "Carta de Puebla" de Pintura de Miguelturra, Ciudad Real.
Mención de Honor en el XI Concurso de Pintura de Vila de Puçol, Valencia.
Primer Premio en el XVII Concurso del Grupo Cultural "Bilaketa" de Aoiz, Navarra.
Segundo Premio en el XXIV Concurso de Pintura "Ciudad de Tomelloso", Ciudad Real.
Primer Premio “Francisco de Goya” 1990 del Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Madrid.
Segundo Premio del Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Guadarrama, Madrid.
Accésit en el XVI Certamen de Pintura "Enrique Ginestal" de Talavera de la Reina, Toledo.
“SobreFigura”. Galería Larra. Madrid.
“Diálogos con Picasso”. Galería Surcos, Majadahonda. Madrid.
Sala de exposiciones UBS...
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