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Eka & Moor Art Gallery

EKA & MOOR ART GALLERY is located in the center of Madrid, a
central focus in Spain for contemporary art.
Our gallery holds 8 individual exhibitions and 4 group shows each year.
You can see our activities in: &
EKA & MOOR ART GALLERY supports a range of artistic disciplines,
from painting and drawing to printmaking and photography. The gallery
engages in a number of different activities, including fortnightly
exhibitions at our space in Madrid as well as further afield, for example at
the Nina Torres Fine Art Fair in Miami USA. The gallery’s vision is to
provide a creative arena for high-quality artistic innovation.
The gallery has hosted exhibitions of well-known artists such as Miro,
Tapies, Manolo Valdes, Plensa, Saura, Kiki Smith, Andy Warhol,
Tsuguharu Fujita and Jafar Kaki, as well as emerging artists such as Angel
Burbano, Asunción Bau, Nuria Pena, Marian Lopez Plana, Alex Alemany,
Elena Cenarro, Badri Kokaia, Constance L. Schlichting, Pilar Sagarra,
Pedro Vergara, Vicente Heca, Tere Unsain, Adriana Exeni and Felipao.
Our intention is to provide a platform especially for nationally- and
internationally-known emerging artists, and to this end we have presented
work in international fairs such as:
– Valencia Garden of Art 2011. International Art Fair.
– Parallax Art Fair London 2012.
– Faim Madrid 2010/11/12.
– Lineart Gante, Belgium 2012.
– Stampa Madrid 2012/13.
– A A Fair Hamburg 2013.
– Arteando Irun 2013.
– Art Market...
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