Barabás, Kucsora, Libeskind

AAF Milan 2016 - Stand YG8

Alludo Room Gallery

Alludo Room Gallery is proud to present at Affordable Art Fair Milano 2016 the artworks of three young female artists, all well known and previously established both in their countries of origin and abroad.

Zsófi Barabás and Márta Kucsora, both of Hungarian descent, create works characterized by a highly dramatic stylistic elegance. Barabás, influenced by past years of creative formation spent in Italy and Japan, examines the relationship between geometric shapes and organic forms. Kucsora, initially inspired by themes representing nature, has achieved with her more recent painting a style in which light serves as the focal means of interpretation of her works.

The gallery is also proposing the most recent works by an American artist of Polish descent, Rachel Libeskind. Her work, subject of an interesting interview with the artist recently published in the New York Times, combines a re-interpretation of the past, questions linked to the concept of human identity and layers of documented materials with her artistic techniques drawn upon improvisation and surrealism.

Alludo Room Gallery, ALL-U-DO, was founded to support and promote contemporary art with a particular focus on works by innovative international artists, both emerging and already known. The gallery has its home in the charming foothills of Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria, a place where the magnificent surroundings of nature underscore the universal message of art and freedom of artistic creativity. The gallery is devoted to supporting, advancing and publicizing the work of...
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Born in 1980 in Budapest, Hungary
Lives and works in Budapest

2009: Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku), Japan
2005: DLA studies: University of Pécs, Faculty of Fine Arts
1999-04: Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Painting and Teaching Department, Budapest
1998: Anglia Polytechnic University – Illustration Department, Cambridge, UK
1994-98: Art Secondary School of Budapest, Graphics Department

2014: Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy
2013: Atelier Frankfurt, Scholarship of Stadt Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2009: Monbukagakusho Research Scholarship, Tokyo, Japan
2005: Artist in Residence, Porvoo, Finland
Prize of the Kunsthalle Budapest, at the “One week“ exhibition
2003: Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria
2002: Erasmus Scholarship, Fachhochschule, Darmstadt, Germany
2000: Artist in Residence, Rauma, Finland

2014: “Urban histology”, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest
2012: “Nonfiguration”, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest (with Imre Bak)
2011: “Skin-Flesh-Color”, B55 Gallery, Budapest
2010: “Map of the days”, B55 Gallery, Budapest
2009: “From Ueno to Nippori”, Mono Gallery, Budapest
2009: Raiffesien Gallery, Budapest
2008: Hungarian Cultural Centre, Tallinn, Estonia
“The Berlin Series”, Mono Gallery, Budapest
“Sonja Krasner Collection”, B55 Gallery, Budapest, (with Nóra Soós and Zsuzsa Moizer)
2007: Kunstverein Wasserschloss Bad...
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Márta Kucsora was born in 1979 in Hungary. After graduating from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 she continued her studies at Montclair State University, NJ. Inspired by nature she began painting large canvases depicting skies, water and flora. But the images she creates are far from traditionally rendered landscapes. Experimenting with highly diluted oil paint, she gradually abandoned a brush, thus arriving onto her unique way of ‘flow’ painting.

Márta Kucsora lives and works in Budapest. She has received number of awards including prestigious Jeno Barcsay award in 2004, which is presented annually to most promising young Hungarian artists. From 2006 her works have been shown regularly in museums and private galleries in Europe and United States. The painter has been featured in group exhibitions and held numerous solo exhibitions, among others: “Plantagram” - Klettgau Galerie, Klettgau-Griessen, “Fluidum” - Rayment Art Project, München, “Trans silvanius” - Budapest Art Factory, Budapest, “Wasserspharen” - Galerie Ucher, Cologne, “Fluten” - Pumpwerk, Siegburg, “Flow Art” - with Suzan Woodruff, Art Factory Gallery, Budapest, and “Flumen” - Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ. She has been represented at Art Market Budapest, Bridge Art Fair, Miami and Art Now Fair, New York and Viennafair, most recently.

The painter’s works are part of many private and museum collections, such as Sammlung Lupa, Germany, MOYA Museum of Young Art, Wien, 21C Museum, Luisville, KY, MasterCard, Budapest, Ruhrverband,...
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2005-2006: Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, MFA - Prof. Pat Lay
1997-2002: Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary, MFA, BFA

Solo shows (selected)
2015: Lumina - Alludo Room Gallery, Jochberg, At
2014: Plantagram - Klettgau Galerie, Klettgau-Griessen, De
2013: Fluidum - Rayment Art Project, München, De
2011: Fluidum - Gallery B55, Budapest, Hu
Trans silvanius - Budapest Art Factory, Budapest, Hu
2009: Wasserspharen - Galerie Ucher, Cologne, De
Hullámtér - Budapest Art Factory, Budapest, Hu
Fluten - Pumpwerk, Siegburg, De (cat.)
2008: Flow Art - with Suzan Woodruff, Art Factory Gallery, Budapest, Hu
2007: Budapest Art Factory, with Mamikon Yengibarian, Budapest, Hu
2006: Flumen - Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ
Flumen - MSU Gallery, Montclair, NJ

Group shows (selected)
2015: Traditional techniques, new genre and style phenomena 2005-2015 - Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hu
2014: Surrealität - Galerie Reichlin, Küssnacht am Rigi, Ch
2013: Stuttgart One - with Galerie Robert Weber, Stuttgart, De
Wasserwelten - Galerie Reichlin, Küssnacht am Rigi, Ch
2012: Blue: Matter, Mood and Melancholy - 21 C Museum, Luisville, KY
Malerisches Wasser, Landhaus, Solothurn, Ch
Day of Painting - National Gallery, Budapest, Hu
2010: Naturaleza y Asfalto, Galeria Urbana, Las Águilas, Me
Résumé - 20 Jahre Galerie Ucher, Galerie Ucher, Cologne, De
2009: Beauty and Approach - Csikász Gallery, Veszprém, Hu
Time of Painting - REÖK Palace, Szeged, Hu
2008: Painting Today - REÖK Palace,...
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Rachel Libeskind is a New York-based artist. She holds a B.A. from Harvard University, with honors. Libeskind has shown her work in exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Miami and New York among other cities internationally.

She is a multi-disciplinary artist, often merging her installation and performance with her studio practice.

Libeskind’s work is characterized by a unique combination of historicist appropriation and improvisational arranging. Often found images are transformed into dystopian or surrealist landscapes. Often humans appear to live in different time zones, have odd relationships of scale, are overtaken by architectural interventions, or are literalized by darkly comedic text.

Her work deals with issues of identity, the transmutations of past histories and the collection and curation of images and objects.

She has been awarded residencies to institutions such as The Watermill Center, The Artist Pension Trust, and the Art Student's League of New York and the Scuola di Grafica in Venice.

During the summer of 2014, Libeskind was invited to complete an installation-performance as a part of the Festival di Spoleto in Tuscany.

In early 2015, Libeskind had a solo show in New York at Hansel & Gretel Pocket Utopia in Chelsea, New York; followed by an installation and 12-day performance run at the Chelsea Hotel in New York.

Libeskind completed a commissioned multi channel video installation for an original Opera work, produced in Brooklyn's Pioneer Work in October 2015.
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- American Gothic (an original opera), New York
- Seaport studios, 19 Fulton Street, New York City
- Conceived without Sin, Radiator Gallery, Long Island City
- START Art Fair Saatchi Gallery, London
- Hotel Chelsea: Inaugural Young Artists Festival, Hotel Chelsea, Storefront Space
- Work featured in the No Longer Empty Booth, Art Miami in New York
- Dear MAMA: An Accolade, Dept. of Signs and Symbols, Brooklyn NY
- Salon Society: Edition One [Curated by Fabiola Alondra], Private Location
- Alludo Room Gallery, Jochberg - Austria
- The Rachel Libeskind Society, New York, NY
- Site Specific Installation and exhibition, LA VOIX HUMAINE: An Opera, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami

- ARTECHO, Sun West Studios
- The Traveling Bag: An Installation Performance, Festival di Spoleto, Italy
- TRACES: A Group Show, Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn, NY
- ENTER: National Media Arts Festival of Lithuania, Lithuania
- New Patron Presents, New Patron Launch Exhibition, NYC
- 15 WARREN, 15 Warren Street NYC

- Joined Artist Pension Trust, New York City
- BERLIN COLLECTIVE ARTIST RESIDENCY, Artist Pension Trust Studios, Brooklyn NY
- JEWEL BOX REVUE, Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden, New York
- Gallery Alludo, Rome, Italy
- The Wild West, Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden, New York
- An Experimental Painting Performance, LaboExpo, Milano, Italy
- An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show, Decenter Armory
- Re: Sandy Benefit Show, New York

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