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Monteoliveto Gallery is glad to introduce its new initiative for the «Cities of Europe» project : London Calling. After Berlin and Paris, our gallery stops in the british capital. From the 10th to the 23rd of April 2016 we will be present, with a theme-free exhibition, at the Coningsby Gallery, established in 1994 in London’s art district, Fitzrovia. The neighborhood is situated in the area immediately next to Bloomsbury, known for the famous commercial Oxford street and for the musicians that passed there among which the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Bob Dylan, the Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The area is filled with an avant-garde soul and hosts many art dealers and commercial art galleries. If in the art gallery’s world the word « monopoly » would exist, in London, Fitzrovia would be the neighborhood more appropriated, with its climax between North Oxford Street and South Euston Road. Countless artists passed by this area, we can remember primarily Constable, Millais, Rosetti, Whistler, Sickert and the Bloomsbury Group, whose leader Roger Fry realized the Omega Workshop. Also many important contemporary art galleries, are present : Stuart Shave & Jake Miller, Alison Jacques, Paradise Row, Josh Lilley, Fred, Rokeby, Rollo, Monika Bobinska. It is in this dynamic that, in collaboration with the Coningsby Gallery, Monteoliveto Gallery launches its first London and British event, outstanding contemporary artworks in the heart of London!
At the opening, musical performance:
- Johann Sebastian Bach,...
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PHOTOGRAPHY/PAINTING Andrea Alkalay, Gianmaria Giannetti, Astrid Castillo

Andrea ALKALAY “Photographing is a constant state of learning and I talk about what happens to me with what I see “. Illusion of Dream is a serie of scenes with a deep narrative that leaves the viewer thinking about what has been and what’s to come, a metaphor for life and our existence. The story of woman, whose fuzzy ideals dreams challenges her universe where luxury does not bring her a better reality, although denser and lonely. Born in Buenos Aires, her photography is a portrait of simplicity where the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary. The caring of her images is emphasized by the particular use of light.

Gianmaria GIANNETTI experimental artist, imaginary worlds, bidimensional universes, parallel universes, escape routes alternative to the logic of things. A series of symbols and signs, an ironic and boundless rigor as the dream of a child, reminiscent of Basquiat's language, he derides the art system, a new type of ready-made affirmed in recent years from Cindy Sherman to John Currin: classical art works resumed and quoted, copied or even imitated. Born in Milan in 1974, he lives and works between Bari and Finale Ligure. His labyrinth paintings, his impossible worlds and his "invaders of canvas" in private international collections turn in London with a playful look on photographic media basis.

Astrid CASTILLO QUESADA, "I always strive to find a distinctive character of man for my work to translate it into images in my own particular and...
PAINTING: Richard Boigeol, Carolina Brave, Blanca Ruth Casanova

Richard Boigeol uses a color palette, an eccentric look, ironic and amused on the faces of women decided portraits, on our days offered to our eyes in a different way, a work based on the mood of the moment. As a photographer or affichiste, inspired by comics, advertising, iconic brands starting with a blank page , everything takes shape on the canvas, or by mounting images and objects. His classical culture allows him a great freedom of expression and facilitates the understanding of the audience. Born in Provence in 1959 he tells us about a particular universe where humor, love for music and irony are mixed.

Carolina Brave, Visual artist, Argentina Nationality, born 1978, living in Buenos Aires. After psychology studies and work in the field of fashion and design, she majored in textile design techniques and costume design. Her works are born from the desire to freely express emotions and feelings, thus justifying the spiritual power of the empty space. Freedom as an element that defines the process, her compositions are spontaneous and impulsive, with a constant sense of change and a powerful but delicate rhythm. An expressive gesture, a great freedom in color, vibrant vivid colors to translate intense states of mood. She works with intense concentration exclusively directed to the creative act without predetermining the outcome.

Blanca Ruth Casanova, Intellectual and emotional reflections of a Mexican woman. Motivated by the act of painting, she enjoys the...
PAINTING: Gerry Defries, Ton Lindhout, Damien Mc Ginley, Annita Faitaki

Gerry Defries, London based artist, discovered his interest in painting around 15 years ago, primarily as a relief from the stress of his professional life. After attending the Hampstead School of Art for some 12 years he has painted in all mediums and now favours painting in acrylics on canvas. He has developed his own style and often finds inspiration from the sea and his love for sailing.
Gerry has permanent exhibitions across London.

Ton Lindhout, artist from Netherlands,"My interest in nature and the landscape forms the inspiration for my paintings, the fleeting impressions and observations from the car, train or plane, as well as my sketches and photographs can lead to a picture. I remain fascinated by the possibility of ending up in a completely different imaginary destination whilst working on a painting and want to show the essence and ‘layers’ of a landscape. I like to leave some abstraction in these processes. So that everyone can create a story of their own. Ton Lindhout has participated in many international events.

Damien McGinley works explores a unique perspective, aiming to develop a concentrated, claustrophobic sensibility. This approach aims to look more intently at the dialogue between humans and the persistent urban realism that envelops them. As each component is propelled to component, they begin to influence one another. Hard edges with concrete, architecture, man, and machine merge into blended essences. Constantly changing...
PAINTING: Regina Noakes, Vinita Parambi, Reina Rozema

Regina Noakes, Western Australia, studied at the Art Students League, Boston, MA, USA; painting/assistant to Professor Antonio Napoli, Capri, Italy, her paintings convey a considerable range of emotions and complex psychological states in figurative compositions notable for their pared down power. The figures, hypnotic, look out at the world with stares that seem to reach beyond the viewer into some other greater space. Collections : British Government Art Collection; Sting MBE ; Eric Clapton ; Royal College of Music, London; Universities, and other public bodies and Numerous Private Collections.

Vinita Parambi, influenced by a thought or philosophy or experience that has had a deep impact on her through science, philosophy and teachings of the Bhagwad Gita, an ancient Vedic text written many centuries ago, speaking of the importance of performing ones duties without any attachment to success or failure, the result one cannot completely control. No painting tool or brush used, the colours thus allowed to intermingle, uncontrolled on the canvas, creating unique footprints, developing their own internal dialogue. The use of Washi paper, marble dust, along with acrylic and oil paints, adds texture and physical dimension.

Reina Rozema was born in the Dutch town of Zwolle where she became member of “Het Palet”, a group of people who came together every week in order to sketch a model or a portrait. Heres she met the painter Chris ten...
PAINTING: Serenella Sossi, Alejandra Stier, Fulvio Tornese

Serenella Sossi, born in Imperia, graduated from Art high school of Genoa, pupil of sculptor Lorenzo Garaventa. After a long period in Turin, she now has been living for years in Nice on the French Riviera, where she followed courses and workshops in sculpture and painting and has undertaken studies of aesthetic philosophy. In contact with the stimulating environment of French art, she refined her personal style with an interesting mix of cultures. Her works are characterized by a constant search for verticality, a reflection of a personal inner voyage, philosophical and spiritual. In her paintingsthe refined search of light and color dominates with a duality figuration/abstraction. Resident artist of the Gallery from long time he is always represented in all the international Art Events.

Alejandra Stier was born in 1970 in Argentina; She draw and painted since her school years. Graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication in the University of Buenos Aires. Her teachers has been Kenneth Kemble, Guillermo Roux, Ernesto Pesce and nowadays Alejandra Roux. She presented her art since 2007 in Argentina, Uruguay, Miami, Naples and London. Art is for Alejandra Stier a wonderful way of expression between colors, forms, shapes, and figures that communicate the inside,emotions and feelings in search of a permanent health and harmony.

Fulvio Tornese born in 1956 in Lecce, artistic training at the studio of the painter and graphic artist Giancarlo Moscara, then...
MIXED MEDIA: Caterina Annovazzi, Fabrizio Fontana, Graciela Montich

Caterina ANNOVAZZI "a never-ending scream ringing out inside of us, a scream torn, blazing, like the ever devoid of meaning question of the living and of the role of the artist in a world where dreams get stuck like birds fallen into a trap. What remains is this open mouth striving at all costs to let the invisible chants of silence being heard." Studies at Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Lyon). Graduated C.L.C.F (Paris), member of 'Réalité Seconde' , ARTPRICE cotation. Caterina Annovazzi lives and works in Brittany and Great Britain. She exhibits for 16 years, several awards and many collectors Author, she published in 2015 the novel "Fantaisie haschischine".

Fabrizio Fontana, his artistic world is essentially built around the game. If his mind with humor and derision can maintain the innocence of childhood, the artist is infinitely more subtle and profound than it seems. His works, re-using all the codes of the joke sphere, wonder about a more serious and more difficult everyday life. He follows an artistic journey where the Joke is the "king." The strong concept is to play with reality catching from human creativity with the pure and creative weapons of a young boy. His irreverent path continued in 2014 with his first solo exhibition in France entitled "Il faut jouer pour devenir sérieux ". Artist of the Salento Region in come back to London to offer his irreverent look on resins.

Graciela Montich her ideal image, fascinated by the botanical world offers us...
SCULPTURES: Roger De Tanios, Annita Faitaki, Ana Giovinazzo, Rudy Rahme

Roger De Tanios, born in Beirut, 1965, his “Aychak Man” at its 43rd international tour exhibition is a symbolic representation of the Middle Eastern “Macho Man" (or "JAGAL" in Lebanese) and the way he considers women in general. Strong, sure, self- confident and showing off, he is clearly adhered to the traditions through family and society, but claiming the American or European civilization mentality when it comes to dealing with women.

Annita Faitaki, sculptor and painter, born in Crete, her sculptures as a reflection of the energy of the earth and a powerful means of expression, connecting the heart with the mind. A process highly technical, time consuming, and expensive. She first creates each piece in clay or wax, then has them cast in bronze at a foundry. Later, a patina in order to create color. She describes the process as one of manifestation: the search for an unknown world waiting to be discovered.

Ana Giovinazzo makes her pieces from beginning to end, making the cast for the different pouring and the inclusion of glass. Many years modelling clay, making plaster moulds, working resins with loads of different metals. So she began to experiment aluminum loads and transparent parts reaching the definition of her current work. Her art could be defined as geometric pieces of pure and intense colours, with impeccable margins and shapes.

Rudy Rahme, born in 1967 in Bsharre, he studied at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and at the Spinelle...