Dora August

light reflective works

Dora August
is the name of the artist duo composed by Dora Tass (Italy) and August Muth (USA).

Since 2013 we began collaborating on a series of artworks using holography as a recording medium. The core of the holographic method is a 3D mapping of light transmitted information, which is then recorded onto a light-sensitive emulsion.
In many ways, this process shares much with early alternative-process photography, such as platinum printing.

Our artistic collaboration is focused in working on a new series of holographic assemblages inspired by Man Ray's Rayographs and some aspects of Surrealism and Dada avant-garde.The series of artworks have the cohesive artistic character that address Light as a tactile medium.
The subjects matter are typewriters assemblages; investigating the "poetic of absence", and the dematerialisation process of the world we live in.
We are exhibiting some of the new works named "Perturbing Objects", using holography as a light art medium. Each piece is unique, masters will not be used.

When observing a hologram the viewer encounters a perceptual doorway, stepping through that doorway into a tactile three-dimensional experience comprised of no material substance, an opportunity emerges. As luminous veils of light invite the viewer into a multi-dimensional, tactile journey enveloped in mystery.
These juxtaposing realities often produce a paradox of truth and illusion within the perception of reality.
Humankind has commenced an evolutionary process to embrace the edge of photonics. Light-based...