Andrey Kezzyn

My Conceptual Hell

Andrey Kezzyn, also known as Kezzyn Waits, is a fine-art photographer based in St Petersburg, Russia. He has been doing photography for over ten years; the last four years of his work have been devoted mainly to the genre of staged photography, which resulted in producing a series of large-scale single-frame group images including the five-metre-long ironic variation of Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Starting his career back in 2004, Kezzyn is an example of a talented self-learner who has never had any schooling in the field of photography. Apart form being a fine-art and freelance commercial photographer, he has also been working as a director for music videos and a theatre designer. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Federation of European Photographers (FEP). Back in St Petersburg, he runs the International Photo Club SUSHKA, which regularly organises exchange outdoor exhibitions for photography lovers.

Kezzyn has developed an unconventional and distinctive approach to both, the topics that he imprints into his photographs, and the technique he uses. His pictures often seem as provocative, morbid and even agressive; however, they are only a shell under which there is a hidden world. A world of mysteries, of basic instincts, of archetypes and symbols, a world that disturbs us, makes us think, balance and doubt. At the same time, and that is far more important, Kezzyn's pictures make us smile and laugh. The keynote here is humour and irony. The artist roars with laughter along with the viewers, and this laughter is loud, trilling and...