Wysocki, Wantuch, Szostak

MIA 2016

Leica 6x7 Gallery Warszawa

Selected photographs from artist' projects: Return to Eden, In-visibilis & Exodus 2064.

Tomasz Wysocki about his Exodus 2064:
Once I had a vision. I was to visit Łódź in the year 2064. When I turned up there, I was completely alone. I couldn’t find a person. The city was deserted. Much of it was painted white, including the streets and sidewalks. I found people in small gated communities, reminiscent of those that have been increasingly popular recently. They seemed absent-minded. I couldn’t communicate with them. They were as if hypnotized, controlled by some outside system. This worried me. I tried to persuade them to go outside, to leave those closed-perimeter estates. They could do it, no one kept them under guard. But they were so brainwashed they utterly believed they wouldn’t be able to function anywhere else. I didn’t convince anyone, they didn’t want to listen to me. They didn’t believe they could be free and happy outside. I gave up, I couldn’t do anything…

Tomasz Wysocki (b. 1990), studied photography at Film School in Łódź. One of the most interesting young photographers in Poland. He specialises in staged photography, creating pictures created in his mind. His works were exhibited at the exhibition „45 frames from PhotoVogue” hosted by Italian Vogue at Leica Gallery in Milan. He also took part in the National Film & Photo School group shows during the Copenhagen Photo-festival 2013 and „Collection/ASSEMBLAGE” in Øksnehallen, Denmark 2014. He also exhibited individually: twice at...
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