A.Cevasco / D.Marino

Studio Incantations

Alessandra Cevasco
Born in Santa Margherita Ligure, Alessandra Cevasco lives and works in Genoa.
For her, photography was initially a way of provoking a greater awareness of the world's beauty, mainly concerned with the observation of nature. Later on, she deepened the thematic aspect of her work as her images became more formally rigorous. At this point photography became a creative process through which meaning could be constructed, as well as an essential source of relationships, dialogue and self-knowledge. Since 2002, she mainly focuses on b/w photography, and on the manual printing techniques she uses to realize her images.
In September 2007, together with Davide Marino, she opened the photo gallery Incantations, in the heart of Genoa's historic center. Since then, in addition to her activity as an author, she works as a professional photographer, manages the exhibition space and teaches on the photography courses organized by Incantations.
Her current poetic ethos is both intimate and metaphorical, increasingly attentive to narrative sequencing and to the dialogue between objects and the space that surrounds them.

Solo Exhibitions
IL CANTO DELLA TERRA: Rassegna d'Arte Diffusa 2015, Quiliano (Sv), 2015 - Miafair 2015, Milano / LE ACQUE DEL FIUME LETHE: Edcamos Gallery, Munich, 2015 - ArteGenova 2015, Genova - Miafair 2014, Milano - Rassegna d'Arte Diffusa 2013, Quiliano (Sv), 2013 - Kratochville Castle, Bohemia, 2010 - The Art-Hall Gallery of Arts Support Fund, Kiev, 2010 - Studio Incantations, Genova, 2010 / TEXTURA LUCIS:...