Born in 1960 in the Republic of GeorgiaMy approach to art evokes a Wittgensteinian philosofical equation which holds that, ultimatly, the reality of existence is something which can not be reduced to logic or pure fact or, as Renoir had it," There is something in the painting which cannot be explained, and that something is essential."While the tradition of realism constitutes the foundation of my art, the works always approach reality as a challenge, as something which must be interrogated by both painter and viewer.


1984-1990 Exhibitions in Russia
1995 gallery Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1995 ART' 95 International Art competition Art 54 New York, USA
1996 gallery Hagelstam Helsinki, Finland
1996 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1997 gallery Art Encounter Las Vegas, USA
1997 gallery Galilei Turku, Finland
1999 gallery Nefret Turku, Finland
1999 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1999 Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, New York, USA
2000 gallery Galilei Turku, Finland
2001 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
2001 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2002 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2003 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2003 group exhibition in Smolny Museum dedicated to the Tercentenary of St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 gallery Sala Barna Barcelona, Spain
2005 gallery Oisin Dublin, Ireland
2005 gallery Hay Hill London, England
2006 The Green Gallery Dublin, Ireland
2006 Amos Andersons Art Museum Helsinki, Finland
2006 Salon 2006 de la...
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Personal exhibitions:

1979 Leoben, Galerie 79, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1980 Bruck/Mur, Galerie E. | 1981 – 1986 Diverse +/- Ausstellungen | 1987 Leoben, Galerie Payer, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1988 Oslip, Galerie Mühle; Graz, Joanneum Ecksaal, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1989 New York (USA), Galerie Atlung; Stuttgart (Deutschland), Galerie Experiment; Zürich (Schweiz), Galerie Schlossgasse | 1990 St. Pölten, Galerie Maringer; Kapfenberg, Kulturhaus, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1991 Wien, Galerie Gabriel; Spa (Belgien), Galerie Paul Piront, A.-Kat. m. Abb.; Hillegom (Holland), Galerie Catharina | 1992 Küsnacht (Schweiz), Galerie Benkert | 1993 Brüssel (Belgien), Galerie Paul Piront; St. Pölten, Galerie Maringer; Leoben, Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1994 Eisenerz, Stadtmuseum, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1995 Krems, Galerie Gruber, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1996 Tournai (Belgien), Galerie Hors Limite | 1997 Berlin (Deutschland), Galerie Sievi, A.-Kat. m. Abb.; Graz, Galerie im Gewölbe, Buchpräsentation, Beiträge zur Kunstgeschichte Steiermarks | 1998 Vomperbach/Tirol, Galerie Angerer, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 1999 Obdach, Galerie Haus Köstenberger | 2000 Schörfling, Galerie Zwach | 2001 Graz, Haus der Kunst, A.-Kat. m. Abb.; Wolfsberg, Galerie Atelier Berndt | 2002 Stuttgart (Deutschland), Galerie Kunst auf 87QM | 2003 Nagykanizsa (Ungarn), Galerie Trend; Kufstein, Galerie Ainberger | 2004 Bruck/Mur, Kunsthaus, A.-Kat. m. Abb.; Schörfling am Attersee, Galerie Zwach, A.-Kat. m. Abb. | 2005 Pécs (Ungarn), Csopor(t) Horda, A.-Kat. m. Abb.; Gerlingen (Deutschland),...
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Helena de Medeiros (Oporto, Portugal) studied at The London Fashion School and at Escola Superior de Artes e Design do Porto (ESAD). Since 1990 the artist held individual exhibitions of painting and many of her works are in private collections (Gallery Napoli Nostra, in Italy, Gallery São Mamede, in Lisbon, and Gallery Árvore, in Oporto, for exemple) and municipal collections (Amarantes, Viseu and Trás-os-Montes, for exemple). In Portugal, a country of origin of the artist, she has exhibited in many regions, as Lisboa, Porto, Guimarães. Besides painting, Helena de Medeiros works as a costume and a set designer for contemporary ballet, cinema, theatre and opera. Over the past years, she has collaborated throughout the world with important artistic directors (such as Gradimir Pankov, Iracity Cardoso, Louis Robitaille, Mauro Bigonzetti, Richard Wherlock, Vasco Wellemkamp, Xin Peng Wang) and with prestigious ballet companies: Ballett Basel (Switzerland), Ballett Dortmund (Germany), Ballet Gulbenkian (Portugal), Ballett Hannover (Germany), Companhia Nacional de Bailado (Portugal), Fondazione de la Danza Aterballetto (Italy), Gauthier Dance / Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Germany), Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal (Canada), Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal (Canada), National Ballet of China (China), Teatro di San Carlo (Italy), Teatro Municipal Santiago de Chile (Chile).
Recent individual exhibitions:

«Suspended Feature» (Museum Medeiros & Almeida, Lisbon, 2014); «Breaking Reality» (Cálem Porto Gallery, Gaia,...
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Licenciada en Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Barcelona. Adelantó estudios en la Universidad Complutense en Madrid, en la Universidad de Los Andes en Bogotá y en la Academia de Bellas Artes Sotto Tetto en Florencia, Italia.

Su obra ha sido seleccionada para ser expuesta en exposiciones individuales y colectivas en distintas instituciones y galerías de Arte nacionales e internacionales.

Ha recibido importantes distinciones, invitaciones y premios: Premio Nacional de Fotografía Sin Formato 2005 del Ministerio de Cultura; Artista seleccionada para exponer en el CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporáneo de Barcelona) Festival de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (BAC) 2003 y logro la Matrícula de Honor Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Bellas Artes 2002 y 2003.
Ha participado en festivales internacionales y ferias de Arte.


Estructura Sensible. Galería Mery Palma. Panama

Tejido Cósmico. La Galeria Zona T. Bogotá, Colombia
Naturaleza Sensible. Casa Proartes. Cali, Colombia

Dins del meu cor. Universidad Javeriana. Cali, Colombia

Cali-Grafía, Galería ADN Arte Contemporáneo. Cali, Colombia

Intimidad Pública, Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Colombia

Cali-Grafía, Fotologia 6. Galería de Arte Montealegre, Colombia.
Cali-Grafía, Alianza Colombo Francesa. Cali, Colombia.

Huellas de Historia, Museo Arqueológico La Merced. Cali, Colombia.
Un viatge dins del meu cor/ Un viaje adentro de mi corazón”, Galería ADN Arte...
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Mario Guerra is an Italian photographer, born in Rome, after having lived in New York and Paris, he lives and he works today primarily out of France and Italy His photographs upon material are images that abstract themselves in small details of few millimeters, enlarged at the excess, where photography abdicate its representation role to become something else. Looking for the existing beauty in the minute reality that surrounds us. "An intimate, minimalistic look which explores the nature of the material in its purest and most essential aesthetics. Details almost invisible to the naked eye, like inner landscapes coming to life with shades, imperfections, imperceptible tracings and secrets: like those of the human mind." (Ludovico Pratesi – La Repubblica) Mario Guerra has begun his activity as a professional photographer. Since more than twenty years he's working for Europeans enterprises and factories, advertising and communication agencies, focusing on industrial, portrait, design and materials photography. He has took part at many campaign and publications, among books and magazines, in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, US. The artistic activity of contemporary photography is today predominant. He's teacher for photography at the Design Department of the University La Sapienza of Rome and at the European Institute of Design (IED) of Rome. He has taught at the Superior Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication of Rome and at the Marne la Vallée University in France. He leaded several workshops and seminars during...
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Artistic activities:
Exhibitions in Romania

-Group exhibitions:
- 1998 – Tg. Mures, PAU Gallery (tapestry)
- 2000 – Timisoara, PAU Gallery (painting)
- 2000 – Timisoara, Helios Gallery (tapestry)
- 2008 - Beius,Municipal Museum : The Autumn Saloon (painting)
- 2008, Real, Oradea (painting)
- 2008, PAU Gallery, Cluj-Napoca (painting)
- 2009, Bacau,George Apostu House, "De vigne en vine" (painting)
- 2009 - Piatra Neamt, Painting Biennial (painting)
- 2009 - Oradea, Painting Triennale
- 2010,National SpeleoArt Festival, Timisoara -First place at the Painting section for the art work Explorations through time" by Angela szabo
- 2010 International Itinerant Exhibition "Singular Art-Fest" curator - LAURENŢIU DIMIŞCĂ.
- 2013 - Oradea - "The 8 th Day" (painting)
- 2013 – Cluj-Napoca, The Tailors Tower– „Sociable with color” (painting)
- 2013 – Oradea, Autumn Hall – Cris County Musseum (painting)
- 2013 – Oradea, Oradea Shoping City Gallery - "The light of consciousness" (painting)

-Personal exhibitions
- 2001 – Timisoara (tapestry, painted ceramics)
- 2003 – Bucharest, Old Courtyard (tapestry)
- 2007 – Timisoara Clinics Gallery: "Mister" (painting)
- 2008 - Bucharest, UN House:"Fire Water Air Earth" (painting)
- 2009 - Oradea, The Castle Gallery "Words from the Rainbow"(painting)
- 2009 - Timisoara, Meteor Club "Travels with the soul" (painting)
- 2011 - Beius, Municipal Museum - "Ages" (painting)
- 2012 - Oradea, PAU Gallery - "Imbricated Visions" (painting)
- 2012 -...
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