Dionisio Gonzalez

Inter-Acciones & Re-Voliciones


This set of architectures – are they habitable artefacts or ruinations? Or surprises the walker is met with in the face of abandonments which lead us to a state of deterioration and the imperfect? Given to decline or damage, due to the return of the forest that intervenes and wears them down with disuse and sabotage, they are interpolated, symbolic architectures. Because like any area removed from social control, they incite exploration and fantasy, transferring us to a vital past or an eccentric present.

All captivated architecture passes through a process of thoroughness because its conducts or context are inverted in an unproductive economy. Distancing and disfiguration are properties of architecture, of its issuance and practices. The particularity of these buildings is that they do not presume, or do not relate, an immediate orbit with cities, and therefore one does not know exactly who the guilty parties, the aggressors, are, except for environmental agents and social mobility, both of which promote a culture of urgency. All captivated architecture is condescending, and elaborates and promotes a state verging on inspiration; Kevin Lynch said that “Tourist maps could be provided of local garbage, ruins and waste”. In essence, because blemish, deterioration, decadence and things unheard of model fantastic forms of attraction.

The fact that the constructions in this series are set on pillars or slender buttresses of reinforced concrete, supporting a horizontal structural plane and with an empty space for a ground floor, makes...
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