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Born to American and French parents, Valerie Leonard has always been surrounded by a world of images. Her mother was a painter, and her father, photographer, Herman Leonard. When she presses the shutter, she remembers the doctrine of her father: "Always tell the Truth, but in terms of Beauty". Valerie Leonard strives for her work to embody to this search for truth and beauty of human beings, whatever their origin or wealth. Far from seeking aesthetic or false compassion, she wants to show the dignity of these women and men, in particularly hostile environments. Throughout her trips around the world she focused her work particularly on a theme that she named “Labours of Hercules”. A series of photographs where she attempts to show with utmost respect and admiration the nobility and courage of those living in difficult conditions.


2016 Q 1st Prize Florida Museum Photographic Arts, category Science, Nature, Animals 2015
Q Remarkable Award Siena Photography Awards/Storyboard. Q Honorable Mention Fine Art Photography Awards/ travel. Q Gold Medal PX3 Paris. Press/Feature Story. Q Silver Medal PX3 Paris. Portraiture.
Q Bronze Medal PX3 Paris. Nature. Q Finalist 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award QLandscapes and Seascapes Category. Q Finalist 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Q Documentary and Editorial Category. Q Finalist 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Q People, Culture and Daily Life Category.
Q Honorable Mention IPA. Category HomeQone Place. Q Selected APAQOff The ClockQLA travelling...
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1983 graduated Vilnius Art Academy, interior architect speciality.
1983-1996 worked as Art Director at “Sviesa” publishing house.
From 1997 assist. of prof. at Vilnius Art Academy. Read lectures on computer graphics, visual arts and contexts.
2000-2003 worked as an Art Director at JSC “Midas Baltics”, that was creating computer games.
From 2008 head of trans-discipline Arts studies at Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Faculty.
From 2013 proffesor Vilnius Art academy, Kaunas Art Faculty.
It works in the field of digital graphics.

Prof. at Vilnius Art Academy.

1987 Diploma, triennial of Posters of Baltic States, Riga.
1990 Diploma, Triennial of Posters of Baltic States, Vilnius.
2007 Diploma, Kaunas Art Biennial 07, Kaunas.
2008 I prize for money project of Lithuanian Bank.
2009 II prize for money project of Lithuanian Bank.
2010 III prize for money project of Lithuanian Bank.
2012 II prize for money project of Lithuanian Bank
2016 I prize for money project of Lithuanian Bank.

1994 Art gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius.
1999 Art gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius.
2005 Gallery of Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius.
2006 Gallery of Architecture House, Kaunas.
2006 Gallery “Sofa” Druskininkai, Lithuania.
2006 Gallery of Ukmerges Culture Centre, Lithuania.
2006 Gallery of National Theatre, Vilnius.
2010 Gallery “Balta” Kaunas, Lithuania.
2010 Gallery “Sofa” Druakininkai, Lithuania.
2012 Gallery...
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What is art all about?
For me it´s a longing to create beautiful things in the form of paintings, sculpture, gardens et.c. that make me and other people react, feel something deeper. In some way i could say it´s an extension of my mind and personality, bringing my inside to the outside.
On certain occasions i like my art to be provocative, carrying a message. The world is a source full of madness that can be critically expressed in my art over and over again.
How do i work?
Mostly i work spontanousely, letting my work begin with a faint idea evolving to a readymade object. Well, adding a longterm perspective one could say that i´m also in love with the process. I always walk around with a sketchbook, not so much for the sketching, it´s more a matter of writing down ideas. After having an idea, i love sitting thinking of it over and over again during months and years. Finally it's some kind of ready, so it can be produced.
Can you say that i paint in a particular way?
I am changing between four tracks and the first is collage with photocopies, the second one is carton with plexiglas, the third one is spray with varnish and the fourth one is carving on carton. Beside of that i have small ongoing projects, because i love experimenting with new type of expressions. I like nonfigurative and abstract figurative painting often with strong colours.
When did i start painting?
As a young boy of 13 i started with photo and making of jewellery. Since then i have had different periods with painting and photo until 2008 when i decided to be a...
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Julija Levkova was born in Riga, Latvia at 22 april 1981. Now she lives between The Netherlands and Belgium.
In 2010 she purchased her first camera and from that moment she became obsessed with photography, the means to express herself. Starting from youth interesting in paintings from the Golden age in The Netherlands with painters as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens. She spent a lot of time in museums all over the world and in the home library filled with books about history and art. Interesting in photography and to learn technical aspects she followed one and half yearlong professional training in Breda in The Netherlands.
The combination of photography and her education and fascination with the human psyche gives her potos a tension that leaves no one untouched. On this subject, Julija says: ´I´m inspired by the big themes in life, loneliness, vulnerability, the raw pure emotions in daily life. I want to capture this in the image, something that is almost invisible but always present.´ There are also a couple of images where religion come to the surface. It brings us to her background of restoring historical atmosphere. In her images this becomes visible through the sophisticated touch and finesse of her work and the attention to detail and proportions.
Characteristic for Julija´s work is the frequent use of Claire-obscure. This technique was popular among the painters in the Renaissance. ´When I´m working in my studio I always become fascinated by the light, which makes the models transcend above themselves and head to...
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The artist Ane Sommerstad grew up close to the mountains of Norway. The closeness to the forces of nature and the connectedness to all and everything is highly the driving element in her art. She explores ways to make us aware of this inevitable co-dependency of keeping the earth in balance.
Her sculptural messengers conveying the message that we are nature and that we are connected to something deeper and greater than technology and culture, an existential belonging.
Ane Sommerstad graduated with an BA Honors in ceramics from Cardiff, Wales, UK in 1998.
She has worked and studied in many cultures e.g. India, Canada, Guatemala and China.
She has been active as an artist since graduation, doing exhibitions and ornamentations for businesses, and especially the last five years has her art career escalated. By getting closer and closer to her deep felt message, and by finding her bold and authentic way of communicating it, she has now reached a large audience.

Artist statement: As an artist, it is essential for me to relate to our current situation as humans on the earth. We have the capacity to destroy our habitat, and that of other species. I strive to connect with people’s inner life by creating sculptures and pictures of human-like messengers that can act as bridges to the soul and deeper primal feelings. I want them to help transform fear and our need to control into trust, humility and a sense of belonging. Through the process of creating and living my artistic vision I encounter the power of the fire in my own heart, throwing...
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