Ugo Lucio BORGA

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People’s autonomy facing the extremism of global war
The 11th September is not just the date of the most dramatic contemporary terrorism act . It is the
end of an era. The beginning of another. Suddenly the world finds itself fragile, threatened by
indomitable enemies that can strike wherever. Asia: 16 states and 151 armed groups engaged.
Africa 27 states and 184 armed groups engaged. Americas 5 states and 25 armed groups engaged.
Hundreds of millions in despair escaping from the war, the hunger, from the natural disasters,
feeding the human traffic. Accomplices the mass media, the Islamic extremism become (for
everyone )a synonym of the absolute evil even not being the only one. The planet is the crossed by
extremism of different moulds: the Christian fanaticism generated the world’s most ferocious armed
group, the Lord’s Resistence Army , also known as The Ten Commandments Army, spreading
terror and death in many African countries. The Israeli ultra orthodoxy establishes the basis on the
grounds of the crimes committed by the Israeli against the Palestinian people pointlessly criticized
by the Security Council of the United Nations. Buddhists Extremists try in Burma to end the
genocide of the Rohingya people among complete indifference. The Russian orthodoxy plays a
fundamental part on the actual Ukrainian crisis. But the world, the survival of mankind itself, today,
are threatened above all ,by an extremism of a different nature. In this dramatic context still appear
realities which try to cover alternative paths. On...
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Ugo Lucio Borga (bor 1972, Italy) is an award winning photojournalist and
writer focusing on war reporting, humanitarian and social features throughout Africa, Asia,
South America, Middle East, Europe.
His articles and reportage have appeared on many newspapers, magazines, tv and radio
including TIME (USA), The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent (England), Die Zeit, Die
Welt, Frankfurter Rundschau, Brigitte, Cicero (Germany), La Vanguardia Magazine (Spain),La
Croix, Courrier international (France), Die Presse (Austria),Tyzden (Slovakia), Haaretz, Gazeta
Wyborcza (Poland), Alpha Magazine,(UAE), Africa Magazine, Diario, l’Espresso, il Manifesto, il
Giornale, Il Sole24Ore, GQ, Nigrizia, Vps, Panorama, PeaceReporter, Rolling Stone, il
Riformista, Sportweek, la Stampa, VanityFair, il Venerdi di Repubblica, il Corriere della sera,
Lotta continua, Mondadori (strade blu), Rai3, Rainews24,sky tg24,Channel4
He has reported extensively from countries such as Syria, Lybia, Somalia, RDC, RCA, Rwanda,
Kosovo, Mali, Guinea, Sry Lanka, Indonesia,covering, among others, the Arab Spring, the civil
war in RDC, RCA, Somalia, Lybia, Syria, and the religious clashes emergency in Northern
Lebanon . In 2009, his exclusive feature documentary on the Somali war appeared on Channel
He received the first prize at the 2011 Novinarska Cena journalism award for a series of
stories on rebels during the Libyan war.
Three books are published:
2)Il Sudario di Latta – Taccuini di Guerra | Editore: I Faggi
3)Soldat 1 Guerra in Ucraina | Editore...