Rinaldo Bigi

L'incanto e il Peso dei Giorni

Imago Art Gallery

Born in Pietrasanta in 1942, in the shops of his city, since his teenage years, Rinaldo Bigi has had such a straightforward, natural relationship with marble and bronze, and the material culture that is related to them, that he has always viewed the sculptor’s “art” rather than the profession of art as his natural fate and his life prospect. It was only natural therefore for him to choose to study first at the local art school “Stagio Stagi” and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, where he achieved his diploma in 1964, having been taught by such sculptors as Ugo Guidi and Antonio Biggi. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, he would then go back in 1983 as full professor of Sculpting techniques, a job he still has, after a few years spent teaching at the art schools of Carrara and Lucca. So, when he was still a student, he began to work as a sculptor and made his first marble works at Sem Ghelardini’s shop in Pietrasanta, where there was no shortage of stimuli and challenges for such a sensitive and keen young man as he was. In those surroundings and in the area of Pietrasanta and Versilia, he also met his first important artists, as he could work side by side with prestigious international sculptors, observing and becoming familiar with lots of valuable linguistic and stylistic options, as well as expanding his technical skills and finding new options to treat stone materials. No wonder, then, that, since his beginnings as a sculptor, he had already developed a distinctive personality, having focussed his own visionary...
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Mostre Personali

1970 - Marisa del Re Gallery, New York
1971 - Caravan House, New York
1973 - “Ai Frati”, Camaiore
1975 - Galleria d’Arte Moderna Farsetti, Focette - Marina di Pietrasanta
1977 - Sculture Pitture Disegni, Galleria d’Arte Medea, Milano, 13th / 31st January
1977 - Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield - U.S.A
1979 - Fondazione Viani, Viareggio
1980 - Marisa del Re Gallery, New York
1983 - St. Wendel - Federal Republic of Germany
1984 - Expo Arte Bari, stand Galleria Metastasio di Prato
1985 - Shop Art, Milano, 9th March / 5th April.
1990 - YEH Gallery, Seoul - South Korea, 16th / 25th May
1992 - Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea il Gianicolo, Perugia, 11th April / 7th May
1992 - Sculture e pastelli, La Piazzetta dell’Arte, Forte dei Marmi
1992 - Arte Expo, Padova, stand Galleria Pegaso di Forte dei Marmi
1992 - Bilder und Skulpturen, Duca Arte Gallery, Palasthotel, Berlin
1993 - Rinaldo Bigi the 2nd Seoul Exhibition, YEH Gallery, Seoul (South Korea) 6th / 25th June
1995 - Expo Arte, Bari, stand Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea il Gianicolo di Perugia
1996 - Fiabe e Miti, Chiostro di S.Agostino, Centro Culturale “Luigi Russo”, Pietrasanta, 6th / 28th July
1998 - Gorky, il primo leone, ArteFiera Bologna, stand Galleria Cerasea di Genova.
1998 - Gorky, il primo leone, Sala Grasce, Chiostro di S. Agostino, Pietrasanta
2000 - Pastelli e Sculture, Galleria De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag (Netherlands) 15th January / 20th February
2000 - Marmi, Bronzi, Pastelli, 55º Anniversario della...
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