Karina Machado

TransNaturae - Brazil Focus

Karina Machado is a visual artist and partner at Casa Goia*, where she develops photographic, scenographic, artistic and cultural projects. After 16 years being devoted to law, she graduated in photography from Panamericana School of Art and Design (2013) and since then she has been a member of study groups and production of contemporary art and photography. She has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil and abroad as well, under the guidance of curators and artists such as Denise Gadelha, Galciani Neves, Regina Parra, Armando Prado, Vitor Cesar, Lígia Nobre, Enrico Rocha and Fiammetta Cavalleri.
In Focus: “Oposições Internas/Internal Oppositions” (2016 - Tomie Ohtake Institute); “Despedir dá febre?/ Saying goodbye gives you a fever?”, with the work “Quanto silêncio há na volta/How much silence there is in the coming back” (2015 - Tomie Ohtake Insti- tute); “Não Vale Trapacear/It’s not Worth Cheating”, with the work “Um olhar mais demorado/A longer look” (2015 - Instituto Tomie Ohtake - SP); “CuriMbó” (2015 - Mostrami Factory Folli 50.5 - Milan); “Rodas de Sampa/Wheels of Sampa” (2015 - Space Fiammetta Cavalleri - Milan); “O espaço através da imagem/The space through the image”, with the work “Vontade de Memória/Memory Will (2014 - Fauna Gallery - SP); “Eikones” (2014 - Tomie Ohtake Insti- tute - SP); “Há algo, sim, a dizer/There is something, yes, to say”, with the work “CuriMbó” (2014 - Fauna Galeria - SP); “Espelhos e Janelas/Mirrors and Win- dows”,...