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Quantum physics supports that there is no single objective reality but there exist many forms of reality dependent on who and how each person measures and conceives them. Therefore, what we call reality is nothing more than an image that we create based on our physiology, with what we are able to, but also choose, to perceive.

Based on this logic, and taking a romantic stance on the issue, we could deduce that each person's brain is creating endlessly. By using the tools one possesses, in other words, one's senses, it combines elements, energies and produces images. Images that one later calls "reality".

The interesting thing about it is that even if we know this in theory, we are not in a position to perceive them, and therefore neither in the position to control them.
What quantum physics supports gives human beings a new perspective. It proves to them that they may and are free to choose how they wish to see the things around them and that they may choose their own reality. We can in other words intervene in the nature of the object we are seeing but also with our own self, just by looking and measuring differently.

Due to our social but also cultural upbringing we have become accustomed to dealing with things with a specific mindset. We constantly use the same, monotonous method of observation, which limits and imprisons us. It forces us to run manically, sacrificing everything to conquer a reality that is nothing more than an image.

This way, in this moment man becomes isolated, gives power to his ego, looks like he's floating around...
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