For MIA PHOTO FAIR 2018 Magic Beans Gallery is thrilled to present four established contemporary artists. From Italy to Korea, passing over Germany and Bangkok, Magic Beans is thrilled to unveil the latest works by the following international artists: Valentina Murabito, Seungmo Park, Franziska Stünkel and Tom Hoops.

Valentina Murabito was born 1981 in Giarre, Italy. She lives and works in Berlin.
Murabito´s photographic works show beings in metamorphosis from human to animal, heads of youths being reduced to powder, or magical four horned goats. Mythology and philosophy, painting and sculpture find perfect communion in her works. In the dark room the artist experiments with light and chemicals or works with silver nitrate, i.e. the essence of photography. These are unique copies, developed and modified in the laboratory either on baryta paper or on materials such as wood, metal or in this case cement, with some of the hand-printed analogue photography produced in exceptionally large formats.

Seungmo Park was born 1969 in Sanchung, Korea. He lives and works in Seoul and New York.
Park is a mid-career artist whose impressive and sometimes massive photographic sculptures have been exhibited in numerous international galleries, museums, auctions and public places such as his latest commission for the Headquarter of Nike in the United States. The work presented for the upcoming MIA 2018 belongs to his well-known series MAYA, which means “Illusion” in Sanskrit. Starting with a photograph he shoots himself, the Korean artist later...
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