MIA Photo Fair 2018

Heillandi Gallery

Impressionist. Expressionist. Surrealist.

Stefan Milev photographs sending out rays of sensual poetry! He gives his pictures a subtle aura of mystery and stands with hiswork between photography and painting. Stefan Milev displays a highly artistic photographic identity towards the relationship between the model and his very personal technique of painting with light. As a result, Milev’s picturesque meaning of photographs uncover a unique and multiplex sense for the Zeitgeist in photography.

Milev, first and foremost recognized as a pictorialist continues the tradition of Fine Art photographers from the early 19th Century such as Alvin Langdon Coburn and George Seeley.

Latest Exibitions, Honors and Awards

Die Geliebten des Windes - Solo - Berlin 2017 Last days of Summer, the Dream - 22/4 hommes femmes- Solo - Berlin 2017 Blau hält die Erinnerungen wach/Frequency, at Palais de Tokyo - Solo - Paris 2017 Rays of Sensual Poetry - 22/4 hommes femmes - Solo - Paris, 2016 Von Angesicht zu Angesicht, Stuttgart 2016 As Unseen as Seen - Solo - at Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2016 Fluorescent Blues - Solo - at Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2015 Process! Episode One: Ambrotypes - CarolChristian Poell, Munich 2015 13. Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, Cannes 2015 Fumes and Perfumes 2.0, Stuttgart 2015 Sounds of Black – Solo - Exhibition at Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin 2015 Fotosommer Stuttgart - Fumes and Perfumes, Stuttgart 2014 Fashion for Future et Galerie Les Anges de la Mode, Paris 2014 DDC Award “The Anatomy Of The Perfect Suit”...
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