Galleria Continua was founded in 1990 by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo, with the intention, evident in the name, to give continuity to contemporary art in a landscape rich with the signs of ancient art.
The gallery opened in a quite unexpected location, far from the big cities and the well-established art circuits – in San Gimignano, a town steeped in history and somehow out of time, in the heart of Tuscany. Over the years, generosity and altruism have formed the basis for numerous and multifaceted artistic collaborations.
The aspiration to write a history of the present which, through creativity, can nourish the tie between past and future, between individuals and between different geographical areas led Galleria Continua to become, in 2004, the first Italian gallery to open in China, presenting a programme of international artists.
In 2007 came another challenge, to bring back to life a fascinating but completely abandoned and forgotten place: the historic factory of Le Moulin, at Seine-et-Marne in the countryside near Paris. It has evolved since then not just into a venue for showing large-scale works but also into a space devoted to culture, experimentation and multi-disciplinary collaborations, giving rise to unexpected synergies between international galleries. Since 2011, two large spaces have also been active in the ancient paper mill of Sainte-Marie, just one kilometre from Le Moulin de Boissy, housing major monographic exhibitions by artists from around the world.
A pioneering spirit and a commitment to...
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